• CURAPROX CK 4260 Curadid Toothbrush,Blister
  • CURAPROX CK 4260 Curadid Toothbrush,Blister
Makes cleaning teeth fun, joyful, gentle, healthy and efficient. Unusually fine filaments. Densely packed. Plaque doesn?t stand a chance.
At last, babies can enjoy having their teeth cleaned. CUREN® filaments are so gentle that there is no risk of injuring delicate oral mucosa. Developed at the University of Berne in Cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. dent. Adrian Lussi and Dr. med. dent. Nadia-Marina Kellerhoff.
4'260 CUREN® filaments, 0.09 mm in diameter
No danger of injury thanks to its small, rubberized brush head
A perfect fit for childrens? and parents? hands
Rounded handle reduces pressure to a minimum
Made of anti-slip material in fantastic colour combinations

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