• CURAPROX DF 834 Dental Floss Waxed, Mint, 35m
  • CURAPROX DF 834 Dental Floss Waxed, Mint, 35m
A waxed dental floss with a minty flavour. The wax coating: i) means the floss glides into the spaces so it cleans effectively ii) makes it easy to handle? thus reducing your risk of injuring your gums.
Waxed dental floss with mint flavour. This dental floss slides perfectly through the contact points between the teeth. Its wax coating makes for easy control. 50 m.
The front teeth, particularly the lower ones, are often very close together. So close that not even our CPS prime 06 interdental brush can be used. Dental floss is perfect in cases like these. Dental floss can also be very useful for implant care; fleecy thread is recommended for this, but always remember to use it correctly and carefully.
For particularly tight gaps, e.g. between the front teeth
Use it carefully to prevent damaging the gum

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