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The BOB-App of Curaden provides prevention as an essential pillar of your practice and supports to reactivate and motivate existing patients which in turn will generate prospective new patients. Beside of the BOB-App, Curaden will support you with BOB Education and High-quality CURAPROX dental care products. We would be happy to tell you more about it.

Introduce BOB to your patients!

The BOB-App is an easy, effective management and monitoring tool which motivates and creates improved and enhanced oral hygiene routines for your patients. It is a simple bleeding on (interdental) brushing index combined with an interdental brush mouth map in which the patient can view what color/size to use where. The perfect visual aid for your patients which is understandable and accepted.

The software guides you and your patients through the complete method. It is adapted to the processes in practice, has a simple structure and functions intuitively. It was created to be fully comprehended and understood by the patient as well. This is what sets this software apart from other available dental evaluation softwares.


Guideline and motivational tool

The BOB-App is a motivational and monitoring tool which provides a simple guidance which assists in an individualized and optimized oral health strategy for the patient. It can be completed as part of any professional teeth cleaning or other professional session with a dentist or dental hygienist.color/size to use where. The perfect visual aid for your patients which is understandable and accepted.

It also provides a foundation for effective communication with your patients. It aids in motivating them by defining a starting point and controlling and measuring the improvement through categorized scores.

The fast, effective and manageable way to



The BOB app
is made up of three parts

Dental status

(crowns, implants, missing teeth)

Bleeding on brushing

(number of bleeding interdental spaces)

Interdental brush sizes

(recommended sizes for each interdental space)

The category level associated to
each BOB-App result

In a very simple and understandable way for the patient, the BOB-App shows your patients how their personal oral care and prevention habits can be improved in minutes


Key features of the BOB-App


It assists you

through the whole process

in simple and easy steps


all data analysis and


Displays results

in straightforward categories

that give the patient a clear

visual status of their


Serves as a guide

for the interaction and

communication with the


Overview BOB-App



Provides a continuous

monitoring instrument which

highlights and measures with

room for improvement.


the initial dental status and

thus records the basis for the



all bleeding interdental spaces

and the recommended

interdental brush sizes.

Provides the ultimate

visual guide for oral care at




Theodora Little

RDH RDT RCS, England

“Monitoring, measuring and motivating patients

has never been so easy, Bob is every hygienists

dream assistant”

Birgit Hühn

RDH, Germany

“The BOB-Score improves patient service, which

not only creates improved oral health but also

improved dental treatment”

Stacy Atnip


“BOB is accessible and accepted by all who

venture on. BOB creates communication

which is easy to comprehend and

appreciated by patients”



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