Eight ways to keep your dental practice safer during COVID-19 crisis

During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the dental profession forms one of the most threatened groups. Close contact with patients, exposure to bodily fluids and the

“Diets rich in plant foods are increasingly associated with longevity and healthy ageing”

“The world of plants is fascinating,” Prof. Marcello Iriti says, in starting off the interview. “Since the beginning of humanity, plants have represented, and still

“The link between oral disease and oxidative stress is still not that widely known”

Dr Lenka Banasova runs her own dental centre, Pearl Dental, in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, where she has a passionate staff of dentists, dental

What is CITROX®? Nature’s own antibacterial

“Not only does it kill bacteria very effectively, but it seems to encourage the good flora to grow back too,” says Richard Thomas. Over the

“For patients, Perio Plus’ taste definitely makes the difference”

Dr Milan Stojanovic studied dentistry at the University of Bern in Switzerland, and after working as a maxillofacial surgeon at Bern’s Inselspital (university hospital), he

CITROX® and polylysine – A new gold standard?

Although chlorhexidine has been considered the gold standard of oral antiseptics since the 1950s, it is associated with side effects at higher doses and indiscriminately

Case study: Improved plaque control and stain reduction with a sonic toothbrush

Several studies show increased plaque control in subjects whenusing an electric toothbrush, and there are a variety of differenttechnologies available on the market.

“This brush cleans where normal bristles do not reach”

An expert in prophylaxis and periodontology, Prof. Ulrich P. Saxer was perfectly positioned to co-design a brush that offers the best of both worlds. Curaprox’s

“Orthodontists should see their patients through the eyes of a periodontist”

According to Dr Jean-Marc Dersot, plaque control is a crucial but often neglected factor in successful orthodontic treatment…

Professor and co-creator of Hydrosonic pro, Dr. Ulrich P. Saxer, explains 3 golden rules when using a sonic toothbrush.

Believe it or not, the first electric toothbrush was presented in Harper’s Weekly on February 13th in 1886…

What’s the Secret Behind the Hydrosonic Pro

Our most advanced brushing system yet
This is Hydrosonic Pro: an electric toothbrush designed for advanced tasks in oral hygiene…

“I felt like a caveman on a spaceship” – our editor tries out the Hydrosonic PRO, here is his honest review

My name is Max. For the last six months I have been editing the articles about dental care here at Gently…

Interdental brushing: everything you need to know

Everyone is talking about interdental brushing, but why do we need it?


Dear CURAPROX, My friends have been talking about switching from dental floss to interdental brushes for better oral care and more effective brushing. It seems

Prevention One’s clinical manager Theodora Little: “We’re making dentistry just a bit more fun”

How can a simple app encourage patients to use interdental brushes?

Swiss-made interdental brush by Curaprox

State-of-the-art primary prophylaxis for the health conscious Curaprox CPS brushes take care of the interdental spaces – the parts of your teeth that you cannot

Czech dentist Michaela Štětinová: “Many believe that children don’t need to use interdental brushes. It’s a myth.”

Slovak dentist Soňa Lisá: “If people know how cavities occur and what the vulnerable places are, they will use an interdental brush out of internal motivation.”